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My services can be charged on an hourly, daily, monthly retainer or a project basis so you only pay for the time that you need and find a system that works best for you.
I use a time tracking tool to measure my time and a time breakdown report is included with each invoice. 


Pay by the hour and just pay for the time you need!

Invoiced at the end of each month and rounded to the nearest 15 minutes

No commitment and no upfront fees

£30 per hour


Retainers are a great way to secure my time in one up-front payment. This will ensure my time is available for you and your work will be prioritised


Booked hours must be used up in each calendar month. You will be billed monthly, in advance


£300 for 10 hours, additional hours will be charged at £30 ph


Pay by project rate

Sometimes it may be more feasible to set specific tasks as a project as per the Client requirements

The rate to be agreed between the Client and Jade Brown VPA



Daily and half daily rates can also be set

This may suit local clients who would like me to visit them at their office or events to also include travel expenses

The rate to be agreed between the Client and Jade Brown VPA


(Based on a standard 8 hr day)



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