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What is a Virtual Assistant?


Sometimes, business owners, consultants, etc need to outsource some necessary but time-consuming tasks such as admin, business, and even lifestyle support so they have more time to focus on running their business. 

Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly popular as they save their clients time and money. They just hire the VA as and when they need them, they only pay for the hours they work and they don't need to go through all the trouble of hiring an employee.

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Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant 

  • No need to worry about tax or national insurance, holiday or sickness payments

  • No equipment or office space is required

  • The flexibility of only paying for someone when they are actually working for you

  • Availability to work outside normal working hours by arrangement

  • Free up the time you spend on admin - allowing you to do income-generating tasks

Who would use a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants can work with but are not limited to some of the following types of organisations;

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